Everything That’s Wrong With the World, Delivered in my Sunday Paper.

  Bug spray



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10 responses to “Everything That’s Wrong With the World, Delivered in my Sunday Paper.”

  1. Yes, let’s make a path of nerve-poison pesticides right up into our front door (and then track it into the house to linger everywhere there, too). Gives the Welcome mat a whole new meaning.

  2. Lisa, Ontario says:

    OMG, how many butterflies would that kill? Not to mention other fantastic insects. That is horrifying. How is that even legal?

  3. susan harris says:

    What Lisa and Sandra said.

  4. tibs says:

    Read about the return of the bedbug (bedbugger.com) to get an idea of why people rush out and buy this stuff. Though don’t think it actually works on bedbugs, and bedbugs don’t carry any diseases and most people don’t react to the bite….they are just yucky and it means you are a bad housekeeper and live in filth if you have them so buy this product right now in mass quantity.

  5. anne says:

    Amy, I saw the title of your post and the picture, and had a sudden insight about why it feels so good to shred my newspaper–as full of bad news and negativity as it is–and put it in my worm box,to be recycled into nourishing soil 🙂

    As for this ad, it may appeal to many people who are feeling powerless and like the world is out of control; “aim and spray, and your troubles will go away”. Sad.

  6. Kaveh says:

    I’m so glad that gardening helped me appreciate insects and these types of products seem alien to me. Though I must admit a few years ago I was living in an apartment building that had an ant problem and when a thousand ants came pouring out of my faucet in the tub and on another occasion were covering the walls of the kitchen I did run out and buy some Raid.

    But aside from that little episode I live side by side with bugs quite harmoniously.

  7. Jenn says:

    I heard an advert for an herbicide that’s guaranteed to keep plants from growing for a full season/year. HOLY SHIT, that’s a lot of toxic.

  8. In defense of this stuff, my spouse and teenage daughter would bathe in it if they never had a spider in their vicinity again….to each world citizen, their own nightmare.

  9. john in the Redwoods says:

    My neighbor was using tht Bayer systemic stuff for peach tree borers. I told him he was killing all the bees and butterflies that partook of the nectar. That stuff stays in the plant for years. Why they are allowed to sell it is beyond me.

  10. Suzanne says:

    I can live with a few bugs in my house and enjoy lots in my garden. My current dilemma is a termite invasion in the ceiling of my bedroom. I do not want toxic spray dripping into my bed, but I don’t want termites to eat my house either. What’s a girl to do????