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Garden Rant invades Kirkus Reviews


At some point—which I missed—the SXSW festival/conference, now going on in Austin, stopped being mainly a music event and started also being about movies, websites, blogs, books, and every kind of new media possible. And god knows what else. (I was just scanning the voluminous schedule and I could swear I saw the words “sex party” at least twice.)

So that’s why—perhaps at this very moment—book review magazine and website Kirkus Reviews (founded by Virginia Kirkus in 1933) is announcing their new Blogger Network at SXSW. The blog part of the Kirkus website is being expanded to include writers who blog about a variety of subjects, including mysteries, science fiction, children’s books, and (drum roll) gardening. We’re proud to announce that the Ranters will be contributing posts about gardening and garden books to Kirkus—probably once a week starting today.

These won’t be traditional book reviews. Well, you know us. We won’t be able to stop ourselves from being silly, irreverent, off-topic, and—always—opinionated, even if we’re not exactly opining on the book in question. We will also be doing author interviews and almost anything else we think we can get away with.

Check out the first post here.

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4 responses to “Garden Rant invades Kirkus Reviews”

  1. Very, very cool! You ladies are the fashionable, fascinating blossoms every discerning gardener just has to add to their garden. (With blossoms being writers & gardeners readers, of course.) Congratulations on your first post, Elizabeth!

  2. LN says:

    I found your blog through Twitter when Kirkus made its announcement. I probably wouldn’t have found you otherwise. I like the blog. I have an obsession about having a perfect green grass lawn. I spent hours weeding and it’s never going to be perfect. All I want now is a front yard w/o weird weeds and actual grass. Mostly I just want to enjoy the birds in the backyard with some beautiful plants and vegetables.

  3. commonweeder says:

    I’m so glad to find the Kirkus site – and that you all are on it!

  4. Pam/Digging says:

    I mentioned Garden Rant during my SXSWi panel on Sunday (while talking about group blogs), and afterward someone came up in the chaos of the meet-and-greet and told me he’d just “something” (which I missed) with Garden Rant. I wonder now if he was from Kirkus? Anyway, congrats on the column.