Near DC? Catch my Lawn Reform Talk

LawnPowerPOint-2 Over 60 slides!  Great commentary!  Hot topic!  And it's FREE.

Time and location:  Saturday, March 19 at 11:00, Behnke Nurseries Beltsville location.

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7 responses to “Near DC? Catch my Lawn Reform Talk”

  1. Bob says:

    Great! Hope you have a BIG crowd!

    It’s a bit too far to drive from Central Illinois, tho… : )

    BTW… Wild tulips and Daffodils are up; blooms in a week or two? Bloodroot soon to come!

  2. Jess says:

    Sweet! I live in Beltsville and I love Behnke! Furthermore, we’ve been looking into ways to reduce the amount of mowable yard. If my frisbee game isn’t scheduled for the middle of the day, I’ll definitely be there.

  3. Amber Kalb says:

    No fair I’m in Indiana 🙂

  4. greg draiss says:

    I will be passing out rebate coupons at the door for Scotts Four Step program. Free one lb samples of bluegrass, chances to win the following:

    Gas powered blower
    Riding lawn mower
    One pair plastic flamingos for the first 10,000 people wearing “I LOVE MY LAWN/KEEP OFF MY GRASS” t-shirts

    the TROLL

  5. debsgarden says:

    D.C. is a long way from me. Wish I could be there! I hope you have a great turn-out. Maybe you can do a post with some of the highlights!

  6. (@) (@) says:

    If winter doesn’t end soon I’m going to end up like this guy…


    Oh and I hope the best on your lawn reform talk.

  7. Kathryn says:

    I will not be able to come to your lecture, but I need some help with this issue. There is a City Council bill being introduced in Baltimore that will create a sewer charge exception for people who have installed irrigation systems to water their lawns. I think the bill is irresponsible, elitist and selfish. I have explained my reasons on my blog and would appreciate any thoughts the Garden Rant community would care to offer before I go to testify on the bill.