Pruning Shears–We Have a Winner!

Thanks to "tropaeolum," who commented "

I need these babies to take on the buckthorn, multiflora roses, Japanese honeysuckle and that are taking over my property and neighbors. Down with buckthorn, I say!

If only they would take out all the garlic mustard, they would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T."

on last week's post on the Fiskars pruners.  You're our winner, chosen at random! 

Thanks for playing, and check the post below for the last of our Fiskars freebies.

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3 responses to “Pruning Shears–We Have a Winner!”

  1. tropaeolum says:

    Thank you thank you! I cannot wait to tackle the invasive species. We’ve been working on them for years, but the buckthorn have been getting the better of us.

    I will report back on how they hold up and if they save my arms and wrists.

    Thanks again to GardenRant and Fiskars.

  2. buck says:

    I will be fighting thistles this spring…. thanks for the encouragement.
    Heirloom Seeds “How God plants His garden”

  3. Michele Owens says:

    Amy, garlic mustard is reportedly delicious sauteed.