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Far out!


Neatly filling in the gap between the amaryllis and the March spring flower show, the Buffalo Botanical Gardens is putting on Night Lights—which is exactly what is sounds like.

They got the idea from a similar (but outdoor) display at the nearby Heron,  a semi-public park south of us. The lights are installed by this company.


While I often hear of outdoor holiday displays at public parks and gardens—we have plenty here—this indoor version is very welcome during a frigid February. And it presents a good challenge for the shutterbugs who regularly haunt the place, taking orchid close-ups. We went Thursday night, and found that while some of the smaller houses didn’t benefit as much, the rainforest house, with its 40-foot waterfall, was spectacular under the changing LEDS. Way to get people—and dollars—through the doors, Buff BG.

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2 responses to “Far out!”

  1. meemsnyc says:

    This is very cool!

  2. Susan says:

    Elizabeth, I showed this to my photographer husband, and the immediate response was “Cool”. We plan to drive over from Rochester sometime before it ends. Maybe it’s something we could get Sonnenberg Gardens to try as a fundraiser! Thanks for alerting us to this novel event!