Calling All Urban Beekeepers!

The UK branch of Timber Press is publishing a book on urban beekeeping, and they'd like it to cover the United States as well.  Here's the pitch:

London beekeeper Luke Dixon is looking for the stories of city beekeepers in the USA to profile in his book. If you're interested in sharing information and photos of your town or city hive, please get in touch with him at:  Luke@urbanbeekeeping.co.uk.    All those featured will receive a free copy of the book.

So if you're a city beekeeper, or if you have any resources to suggest to Luke, please do get in touch with him directly.


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3 responses to “Calling All Urban Beekeepers!”

  1. Taking a three day course on Saturday, but have all my equipment. Will hopefully have the bees in our edible garden by March!

  2. Would that I were an urban bee keeper. I’ve always wanted some bees. And chickens. Sigh.

  3. Jeff Miller says:

    I reached out to Luke to describe my experiences and successes (and failures) raising five (soon to be seven) hives of my Georgetown (DC) rooftop while at the same time getting others involved. I have lots to share!