But is it Art?

One Last Fabulous Gift Idea

I've been a fan of Andie Thram's beautiful and mysterious paintings of forests for years.  She goes out into the forest to paint (and leads groups of students on outdoor art excursions a few times a year), and her work is dark and exquisite and magical and whimsical all at once. She's never had much of an online presence–you have to get on her email list to keep up with her–but this year, someone must have finally begged and pleaded until she put her art for sale on Etsy. 


So now you can get this extraordinary calendar on Etsy for only $30. Once you see her art up close, you're going to want to buy originals as well as the calendar–but for that, you've just got to get in touch with her and ask.


Posted by on December 22, 2010 at 4:51 am, in the category But is it Art?.
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3 responses to “One Last Fabulous Gift Idea”

  1. trey says:

    Andie lives in my neck of the woods. Coloma is the Gold Discovery site in California. With The American River, 1000 of acres of forest, and high altitude lakes it’s an artist dream. Nice to see her work here.

  2. Laura Bell says:

    Oooo, and she’s local to me ? Great ! Will have to go look for her work.