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Grounded Design – most exciting blog discovery in a long time

Grrounded credto

When I happened upon the blog of landscape architect Thomas Rainer my first thought was:  Why isn’t he guest-posting on GardenRant?  Or alternatively, is his blog the Rant of landscape architecture?  Seriously, look these thought- and passion-provoking posts:

In fact, I emailed these stories and more to myself for rainy-day reading, and now that I’ve gone back for a  closer look I discover that his most recent post was in September – eek!

So Thomas, what’ll it take to keep your blog going?  Anyone with this credo has GOT to be heard.

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11 responses to “Grounded Design – most exciting blog discovery in a long time”

  1. veratrine says:

    I’m sure it’s to do with the fact he and his wife just had their first baby! Which means, no doubt, he’ll be back to blogging in 18 or 19 years 😉

  2. Tara Dillard says:

    “The quality of our environment affects our health & spirit.”

    This isn’t mumbo-jumbo. It’s science.

    Recent studies prove a connection between increased white blood cell counts and being amongst plants.

    And other such stuff…….but I’m busy & gotta go.

    Thanks Susan for posting this.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. BooksInGarden says:

    Wow! Awesome blog. Can we bribe him?

  4. I’m sure the baby is keeping him busy!

  5. Glad to see that there is at least one other person who designs with native plants.

    I am the author of the book Design Your Natural Midwest Garden that features 32 designs–some of them cottagey-and over 200 photographs of midwest native plants.

    I just put my new web site on line in mid-November along with a weekly blog that features descriptions, photographs, and cultural requirements of midwest native plants that are showy that week..

    Take a look.

    My book can be purchased from my website or Amazon.com. The Chicago Botanic Garden also carries it.

    Live green!

  6. Michelle D says:

    Love his philosophy.
    great reading blog
    thanks for the intro.

  7. greg draiss says:

    I prefer gardening in my underwear with a beer in one hand slice of pizza in the other

    The TROLL

  8. tibs says:

    But Greg, if you have both hands full, what are you gardening with?

  9. greg draiss says:

    Watching the grass grow still counts as gardening….doesn’t it?
    Actually walking on my lawn in aerator sandals
    the TROLL

  10. Hoover says:

    He’s probably changing dirty diapers.

  11. This is one of my favorite blogs. I am so glad you are mentioning it here for the Rant readers.