So a Funny Thing Happened at the Bookstore Last Week

And it involved a plant! Read all about it in the New York Times.

Here, in case you're interested, is a link to our bookstore's website. Where we sell books and only books.

And here's a little more about the novel that inspired the whole thing.

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15 responses to “So a Funny Thing Happened at the Bookstore Last Week”

  1. El says:

    Didn’t I see a pic of your bookstore, Amy, in the NYT last week when they featured the bldg. next door was for sale too? I saw Eureka and wondered, sure enough, there’s your store…small town, small world.

    Oh, and Michele, I have had someone in uniform stop by because he was curious about the contents of my greenhouses (illicit contents or no). Of course, I gave him a tour. Yeah. I thought it was kind of intrusive too but figured I might convince him to put up a bubble in his back yard, as he claimed he was a veg gardener.

  2. Laura Bell says:

    Priceless !

    Many times (usually while toting a bundle of mysterious plant matter cross campus) I’ve been asked in jest whether our school garden is planning on getting into the medical marijuana business. Sure would solve the school’s tight finances, I reply. And free tuition for everyone ! Hard to convince the Parent Club it’s a wise move however.

  3. Laura says:

    When I was young I fantasized about having a combination book & plant store to combine the two things I loved. I think this may be possible someday.

  4. shira says:

    Not to worry, he’s also asked me if I’d consider growing grapes….

  5. luise h. says:

    Great story. But you did have to think about what to do with it for a little bit,right?

  6. anne says:

    Haha, life imitating art! Someone out there has a sense of humor. And hopefully, being literate, they will read your great piece in the NYTimes and leave you alone now.

  7. Michele Owens says:

    Shira, I got the same question from my husband. “Why aren’t you growing marijuana?”

    Because A. I’d rather have a glass of wine, and B. They’d never give me enough of the prison yard for my vegetables.

  8. shira says:

    This is great…

    I’m pretty sure that medical marijuana isn’t even being considered here in CT, but several times my husband has said to me, “if it ever became legal, you would know how to grow it, right?” Guess he’s thinking he could retire and my horticulture degree would actually start paying for itself??

  9. It is a little funny, a little sad and just a touch schizo – alternate universe kind of reality to the whole thing.

  10. Great piece, not the houseplant article I read a few days ago when I was siting in LaGuardia waiting to get on a plane to Charleston….

  11. It wasn’t your normal houseplant crew. Interesting trio.

  12. Marte says:

    Congratulations! Neat story, very well told!

  13. Wow, Amy. Op-ed in the NYTimes! And a great story, too.