Some of you may recall that I had a few things to say about the Black & Decker EasyBloom a while back. Do we really need little egadgets in the garden to tell us when to water or what to plant, that sort of thing.

Well, the people at Black & Decker read the post — and not just any people, but the actual guy who helped develop it — and offered to send me one. Next thing you know, I found one sitting on my porch.

I’m on the road a lot right now so it hasn’t been easy to find time to play with this new toy.  But a couple days ago I did manage to get it out of its package, download the software, and plug it into my computer. I wasn’t happy about downloading any more software to my computer–you know how Windows is, all baggy and slow and easily confused–and honestly, I’m quite sure I’ll uninstall it as soon as I’m finished playing with this gadget.

I also paid my $3/month to get full data from the EasyBloom–some things are free, but others require that you subscribe–and being the intrepid reporter that I am, the $3 seemed like a worthwhile investment to get the full picture.

So.  Create an account online, download software, pay $3, plug the gadget into the computer so they can start talking to each other, then, once it’s all synched up, go outside and stick it in the ground.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten. I’m back on an airplane–actually in Phoenix as you read this–so it’ll sit outside until I get home this weekend and have a chance to take a reading, which is supposed to tell me something about sunlight, moisture, and soil conditions, and suggest plants for that spot based on the data it gathers along with my zip code.

Assuming the EasyBloom and I both make it through the week, I’ll be back after the weekend with a full report!