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Blog Action Day Posts on Water

Fullscreen capture 10112010 81152 PM No, we haven't forgotten what day it is.  First up, I've written a quick post for Blog Action Day about simple lawn care advice, plus some corporate research about Scotts Miracle-Gro. Yes, I'm going there again.

Then I found some nice photos of rain gardens for a garden center I blog for.  Lovely!

Here's a list of other "gardening" blogs participating in Blog Action Day 2010 – only 10 so far today.  But here's the list that comes up when you put "garden" in their search engine – lots of 'em!

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  1. OUR Ben sucks. His English is pathetic, what a register!

  2. You get many more garden bloggers when you search by the topic category “Home & Garden” – as many did not put the word “garden” or “gardening” in their water blog post title. Her is mine: