Guest Rants

Thank you guest ranters—and guest commenters!

Thanks_md_wht  Well, we thought we were outspoken, but over the past two
weeks, we have been put to shame by guest posts against flagpoles, Girl Scout
cookies, city hall, IGCs, plant hybridizers, daffodils, and—most
provocatively—garden whimsy (70-plus comments on that one).

The posts have been great, but it is really the comments
that make the conversation, so thank you all so much for joining in. Just to
reiterate, we used every post that was submitted in time, as long as it was not irrelevant to gardening, obscene, or
spam/advertising. (Just so you know, we did not receive any obscene,
irrelevant, or spam posts.) There was little or no editing.

Now to return to the regular staff of four ranters. Guest
rants will continue on Thursdays when we have them.

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3 responses to “Thank you guest ranters—and guest commenters!”

  1. Thanks for the opportunity! That was fun!

  2. Jade Rubick says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth, it was wonderful to be able to participate!

  3. Yes, thank you Elizabeth! And of course you’re right, the discussions brought all these rants to life 🙂