But is it Art?

Couldn’t resist

Oh, I suppose it is possible to go too far with this stuff. Though an element of awe creeps in when the idea is taken to its limits. Our guest ranter inspired me to once again post my very favorite gnome image (above, from the Motherland—Dunster, GB), as well as this entry from one of my Facebook friends, Pam. Thanks, Pam! (She saw this in Portland, Maine.) Maybe we should have a contest.


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18 responses to “Couldn’t resist”

  1. Well I laughed. I do think the mulch in the second collection could be just a bit brighter red. Don’t you?

  2. Oh thank you for saying Maine…Portland, Maine. For a minute I was planning to grab my keys. jump in the car and go in search of (to destroy of course)…

  3. Kathy says:

    Ai yi yi, I feel much better now about my driftwood collection.

  4. Tibs says:

    I recently visited this little gem.

    “The Hartman Rock Garden was created by “Ben” Hartman between 1932 and 1944. This remarkable folk art icon includes over 250,000 individual stones that combine a mixture of history, religion and depression-era pop culture.” He made minitures of every famous structure you can think of out of concrete and pressed little stones in it.


  5. MiSchelle says:

    I’m a proponent of garden ornamentation, but those examples are just wrong. What possesses these people?

  6. Eliz says:

    You know how that colored mulch fades almost instantly, Chris. That’s one of the reasons I never saw the point of it. You may as well buy grey-brown mulch right away because they all turn into that.

  7. Susan says:

    I love how all the dogs in the second picture are looking the same way- as if some statue was holding a piece of concrete bacon just off frame.

  8. anne says:

    These are collections, not gardens.

    They remind me of a conversation I once had with a landscaper about a farm yard across which were parked the usual array of farming vehicles and implements, bins and so forth. To an outsider, this looks disorderly, but to a farmer, these things are usually left in specific spots for a reason (ease of connecting and disconnecting, proximity to something, access to electricity, out of the way, under cover, etc). I asked him how he would work around that to beautify the yard. He said, If only they would always line this stuff all up according to type (ie tractors with tractors, like implements together etc), it would look fine–orderly and purposeful”. Kind of like those gnomes and cement animals I guess; the ye likes a pattern, whether it’s plants or things.

  9. anne says:

    Oops, I meant “the eye likes a pattern….”! Sorry

  10. Kaviani says:

    Collection or garden, they’re eyesores.

  11. allison says:

    I wonder how long that person had been collecting all those ornaments? The little rope is adorable – this person LOVES their gnomes.

  12. James says:

    I had to take a second look. I saw something like this when I visited Texas a few years ago. I would suggest that they put a price sticker on each one of those little things and sell them off.

  13. Thank you! I love it. Pam’s photo is awesome. I live in too tasteful an area to compete. I’d have to go to Barlett.

  14. Mimi says:

    I had a neighbor who would have loved this….

    This was in the back yard. Unfortunately, it was a corner house, and they were probably the only people on the street without a WOOD fence.

  15. Abby says:

    I LOVE this kind of stuff! Better than a bunch of houses and yards that all look alike. Bring on the personality!