Wausau, WI: a well-honed sense of irony, or…

When you put a fake ficus in the sun, it turns the most interesting colors.

Wausau, WI: a well-honed sense of irony, or...

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6 responses to “Wausau, WI: a well-honed sense of irony, or…”

  1. greg draiss says:

    Must live with HOA who says no holes and no watering

  2. In Puercorico,USA, the fad for the last two decades is to make HEDGES with all kinds of FICUS, believe it or not….

  3. eliz says:

    This where they make the great big composite concrete pots used for street planters everywhere. They can only be moved with a forklift, only destroyed by a car running up the curb.

  4. Tim says:

    Sadly, it’s a hot look in metro-Atlanta, as well…..

  5. Jordan 1 says:

    Each of the simple life is desired! Sometimes people can not simply live! Often feel tired! Really frustrating! So people should maintain a childlike innocence

  6. A friend from Wausau says:

    Ha! I grew up in Wausau! I am actually surprised that a woman with a perm and flannel shirt is not out watering that faux ficus.