My Falling out with Clover

I'm trying not to be all-lawn-all-the-time here on the Rant, so go to my blog
to read this sad but true story.

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6 responses to “My Falling out with Clover”

  1. Wendy Ory says:

    All natives would be great but ‘the right plant for the right place’ taken to the extreme would probably work better, plus you could use sedum.

  2. I think planting thyme would work out great. There are several varieties. You can still walk on it and it would be fragrant too.

  3. sarahammocks says:

    Oh dear God, ripping out all that clover! It is second only to bermuda grass for it’s tenacious roots which either take hold right in the middle of another creeping plant like thyme or dianthus, or in the densest clay. I’d just mow the damn stuff and call it day.

  4. meemsnyc says:

    I like to mow it too! It grows like crazy in our yard!

  5. Tibs says:

    The flip side of “fast growing ground cover” is “invasive species”.

  6. Roy says:

    Don’t say it is so! I like my clover. My cows love it, too. I do not want it to kill off everything that I have worked hard for. What should I do?