Let the guest rants begin!

But first, a few observations. It was Susan’s brilliant idea
to organize a solid couple of weeks worth of guest rants last year. As you may
have observed, many of them turned out to be some of the most incendiary and
most-commented-upon rants we have ever published.

I have theories about that. Though we, your core Ranters, do
our best to work ourselves into passionate fury each and every time we post,
it’s just not possible to keep our blood at that high a boil—at least it isn’t
for me. Every so often I have a topic that I am truly incensed about, but
equally as often I write about things that intrigue or interest me. And at
those times I am really trying to elicit your opinions in comments, in the
hopes of facilitating whatever discussion those comments might excite.

But I also believe that everyone has a rant or two inside
them ready to be released. That is what this guest rant period is about.

Oh, and dude—we’re starting it off with a bong bang! 

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3 responses to “Let the guest rants begin!”

  1. susan harris says:

    Thanks, Eliz, and I think you said it so well. We probably rave more than we rant, but mostly we just start the conversations going. It’s our guests who really stir things up.

  2. I have great difficulties to control my anger, in Puerto Rico, gardening is a foreign issue.

    Pathetic, superficial, with permanent repetition
    in any installation.

    However, your are right. Once in a while is healthy to move on..

  3. I’m looking forward to these; let’s see if any of my multiple “pet hates” gets an airing! I can only live in hope.