Got something to rant about? Announcing GardenRant’s All-Guest Week

Last summer we initiated our first Guest Post Week and there were so many responses, you guys ranted for two
GardenRantTop10Badge straight weeks and gave us regulars a nice vacation.  But it wasn't just the numbers that surprised us – it was the provocative nature of the guest posts, which prompted unusually lively comments.  SO lively, in fact, that several guest posts even made our list of the 10 Hottest Rants of the Year and were awarded this cute badge to put on their own blogs.

So we're at it again, declaring our Second Annual Guest Post Week for the week of
August 30 through Labor Day.  Just send your posts along to Elizabeth (ealicata[at]Yahoo.com) to get on the schedule.  Don't forget she'll need a title and at least one photo.

For more guidance, here's our standard guidance for potential guests.

What, exactly, is a guest rant?

First, it's short. 500 words is plenty. 

Second, it's highly opinionated.  Take a position on an issue, pro or con. 
Rant or rave, just have a point of view. Be unguarded and informal.  Tell it
like it is.

Third, it's interesting.  Well, that goes without saying.  But seriously,
tell us an interesting, behind-the-scenes story.  Surprise us. Get people
talking.  Because if you get them talking, they'll go away and continue the
conversation on their own blogs, and that helps spread the word.GardenRantGuestBadge

Did we mention that it should be interesting and personal and off-the-cuff
and fun?  Seriously, no PR talk, and no how-to.  Pretend you're e-mailing a
highly amusing tale to some friends.  Now pretend we're your friends.

All guests are awarded our thanks and this still cute but slightly less exclusive badge for wherever they  want to stick it.

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6 responses to “Got something to rant about? Announcing GardenRant’s All-Guest Week”

  1. greg draiss says:

    Sign me up! In the meantime I am planning my disguise for the Rant talk at the IGC.

    Not sure if I should come as the male chauvinist pig, a walk behind self propelled lawn mower,a Troll with that long red hair, Ronald Reagan or a Peace Lily!


  2. It might just be time to tell the story about the city council’s big idea for solving the water shortage…

  3. David says:

    I’d love to rant.. again. Please reserve a guest rant for me. Susan T-(comment above) maybe it is time for your to run for City Council and forgo the Neighborhood Association?

  4. GardenGrunt says:

    love this idea…just trying to figure out with rant to bitch about!

  5. Potato Queen says:

    Ooo, I want to rant! But can it be a happy rant?

  6. I think I’ll send one along too. We all know how I can rant.