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Coolest new Team Blog? Wildlife Garden


We're happy to welcome another smart team blog to the gardening world, this one devoted to – well, let's let their manifesto tell us.

Our manifesto:

  • To redefine beautiful ~To start a conversation ~To be positive  ~ To help wildlife ~ To be organic ~ To be water-wise ~
  • To use plants that attract wildlife ~ To plant more native plants ~ To remove invasive plants ~ To talk about birds and bees
  • To encourage bugs ~ To plant for butterflies ~ To love frogs and toads ~ To welcome bats ~ To practice sustainable landscaping
  • To show that all of this is BEAUTIFUL

And here's the team (so far?)


Also so far, their Facebook page has attracted over 1,100 fans.  These savvy critter-lovers are onto something!

So visit their blog already.  As promised, it's beautiful.

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17 responses to “Coolest new Team Blog? Wildlife Garden”

  1. A great group of bloggers. I look forward to reading it.

  2. Thanks for bringing the blog to the attention of your readers. If everyone did just one new thing to help wildlife, the impact would be huge.

  3. Bob says:

    Just saw Doug Tallamy speak here (Urbana, U of Ill) just last Monday.

    More and more, his data shows that native plants are what support native wildlife. Landscapes filled with native plants support 3-4 times an many species of Butterflies than structurally similar landscapes filled with alien plants.

    Particularly interesting was a study showing that 3 areas, each dominated by 3 different alien plant species supported a total of 4 native species; 3 areas, each with 3 different native species supported 9 native butterfly species.

    (in other words: 9 alien species = 4 butterfly species; 9 native species = 9 butterfly species)

    Aliens support the “generalists”; the specialists vanish…

    It was a fascinating talk…I went home and planted some more elm-leaf goldenrod:)

  4. Gail says:

    Thank you Susan for helping spread the word about Wildlife Gardening…Not only is it fun to write about my favorite wildflowers and native plants, I’m learning from these smart gardeners and our readers. Gail, clay and limestone

  5. Lisa says:

    Thank you for helping us to encourage positive conversation about wildlife gardening and native plants Susan! What a great way to share and learn about all of the benefits of organic, sustainable growing, beneficial native plants and the joys and fun of wildlife.

  6. Sounds like an excellent manifesto to me. Blog on.~~Dee

  7. Thank you, thank you, Garden Rant for the wonderful shout-out! For us, wildlife is is the most beautiful part of the garden and we’re betting that most gardeners think so, too!

    I learn something new on that blog *every* day!


  8. I’m lovin’ their new blog, too, and added their ‘widget’ to my blog. This year I added more natives to my gardens than I’ve even had time to count. Blogging has taught me a lot and I am finding myself more and more, pulling out ornamentals and adding natives.

  9. greg draiss says:

    Too many women bloggers on the site. UNFAIR, Protesting, suing the publishers,
    Not Fox news, unfair not balanced


  10. Rhonda says:

    Beautiful blog guys, but I’m feeling a little outnumbered!
    I’m just one little woman out there chasing wild turkeys and creeping after tree frogs, bloggin’ my heart out about wildlife in the garden!
    But hey, the more the merrier.

  11. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the warm introduction, Susan. Happy day! ~Kelly

  12. I’m thinking it’s time to put a team of male garden bloggers together! Anyone in? 🙂

  13. greg draiss says:

    RAFFI: Sign me up We can show them dames the rreal wild life in a garden.

    The TROLL

  14. LOL Troll and Raffi, so if we are the dames, you’ll be dam!

    Gender was never a consideration in putting together our team. It just happened that way. I personally don’t refer to people as a girl gardener or a boy gardener. We are just gardeners.

    Perhaps, you will consider doing a guest post for us. We would never want to upset the world of beautiful males.

  15. greg draiss says:

    Beautiful Males? Sounds like a pandering call to warfare!

    You’re on!

    The TROLL

  16. Carole says:

    Thank you so much Susan for the beautiful shout out! I’m proud and honored to be part of this team. I learn something new every day as each team member continues to post. Wildlife in the garden really is beautiful!