Why would any self-respecting gardener with a pretty vegetable garden allow such a mess in early July: weedy gone-to-seed spinach?

Because I have pole beans in there.  Because rabbits are eating my pole beans this year.  Because these are the only ones they haven't found.

A thought for next year…plant spinach under every arch and the beans into them.

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9 responses to “Decoy”

  1. Oh, goodie! Now I can tell people that my unweeded gardens are just decoys to foil unwanted garden pests. I feel much better now.

  2. Tibs says:

    Get a cat.

  3. Laura Bell says:

    I left the sorrel growing around my Cherokee Purple tomatoes thinking it might provide protection. Instead a marauding raccoon (or skunk, I suppose) tromped right over it and ate half of the one ripening fruit. And just half, of course.

  4. Rabbits got my beans — pole and bush — this year. Maybe I’ll hide them with spinach next year. Or tighten up the fence.

  5. PermieWriter says:

    Cat? Perhaps a mountain lion? I don’t think that even a Maine Coon could take out a rabbit.

    Thank goodness I’ve never had to deal with rabbits in the garden – except a few that got loose while we were tractoring them. Bunny poop is great in the garden, but not when it comes with an invasion.

    Good luck!

  6. Kay says:

    That is very interesting. I would not have thought of that.

  7. sara says:

    I started letting the chicory grow around my peppers because the aphids affix themselves to it instead of my pepper leaves. When the chicory gets as tall as the pepper plant, out it comes and the chickens get a tasty buggy treat.

    Not sure how I’d deal with bean-munching rabbits.

  8. Montgomryje says:

    You need a rabbit-eating cat. Ours is 16 years old and still catches rabbits. He leaves the heads for us, though…

  9. nobody says:

    Hmm… and here I thought I let my greens go to seed because I enjoy eating from march through June without having to plant a damned thing. And because in our massive heat wave, the eggplant that looked completely squelched by the seedy arugula actually outperformed the eggplants just out in the open with a bit of mulch. And because the tomatoes with spinach and mustard going to seed underneath them haven’t been affected by blight the way the other ones have.