Wicked Bugs: Creeping, Crawling, and Slithering to a City Near You

Wicked bugs exhibit image

My new book, Wicked Bugs, will be out in May 2011.  No, this isn't the cover–this is the graphic design for a traveling exhibit that will be going around the country after the book comes out. If you happen to be affiliated with a botanical garden, science museum, zoo, etc., read all about the outdoor version of the exhibit here. There's also an indoor version, complete with (optional) live bugs–more news about that as I have it.

This is all coming about because I met the people at Outhouse Exhibit Services at a garden show in Kansas City.  You never know what might happen in Kansas City.

More about the book in the fall, when I have a cover design and other details to share.  Meanwhile, if your garden club, bookstore, botanical garden, Master Gardener group, etc would like to be a stop on the book tour in May/June 2011, shoot an email my way at amy at amystewart dot com.  I'm putting a list of cities together for book tour consideration.

And now I'm back to proofreading bug names…

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2 responses to “Wicked Bugs: Creeping, Crawling, and Slithering to a City Near You”

  1. Laura Bell says:

    Not affiliated with them, but I do hope someone from UC Davis’Bohart Museum of Entomology gets in touch. Seems like such a natural fit (not to mention, close to me !)

    Eagerly anticipating the new book ….

  2. Tibs says:

    I was so disapointed in the Outhouse Exhibit Services link. I thought I was going to see a display of tastefully/tackily decorated outhouses. Or at the very least a cutting edge display of Portajohns.