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Big Lawn Reform Update

Saxon Saxon Holt, photographer of meadows, grasses, lawn alternatives and sustainable gardens of all types, has joined us.  We are now 10.

We have a Facebook Page, y'all, so click here to "Like" us and follow what's happening.  If you're one of the hundreds who joined our Facebook Group, sorry about that!  And we promise – no more switcheroos, now that we've figured out what works best on Facebook.

And to make sure everyone can follow the lawn-reform news, we also have an e-newsletter, which you can sign up to right here, and start receiving quarterly issues in September.  In the meanwhile, click here for the latest news of "lawn work" by the 10 Coalition members, plus news of publications, new legislation, research findings, resources – you whole shebang.

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Posted by on June 22, 2010 at 3:55 pm, in the category Lawn Reform.
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One response to “Big Lawn Reform Update”

  1. Amy Stewart says:

    Well done, everybody!