The Mousies are back!

Thanks and congratulations to Colleen Vanderlinden, the founder of the Mouse & Trowel Awards, for bringing back these multiple-category recognitions for garden blogging. She
instituted them in 2007, and they were in hiatus in 2009. Now they’ve returned.

As we’ve ranted a few times here, the dysfunctional Bloggies
have no category for garden blogging. The Mousies fix that in a fun way; there are always interesting categories—this year's include Best Gardenblogger to follow on Twitter, Best Rural/Farming and Best Indoor Gardening.

This is a wonderful opportunity to think about the blogs you
most enjoy reading, look back on a year of blogging, and—what the heck—nominate
your own blog if you feel it’s deserving. The nominations are open through
April 30; after that finalists will be determined and another round of voting
will commence.

Garden Rant has won a few Mousies in previous years. For that we thank you—and we especially thank Colleen
for bringing them back.

Click on the link above and nominate your favorite blogs. It
is an affirmation of all we do to make garden blogging an important part of our lives as gardeners.  

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4 responses to “The Mousies are back!”

  1. susan harris says:

    Beautifully said, Eliz, and I second the shout-out to Colleen for this fun community-builder.

    And while we’re on the subject, I’ll put in a plug for a blog they write for – the Homestead Gardens Blog. Nominating it in the Best Business Blog category could help it get noticed by other indie garden centers, and we hope they’ll want one, too.

  2. commonweeder says:

    Hooray for Colleen! And thanks, too. I like the new categories, including Best Company Blog because it shows that the value of good garden blogger/writers is being appreciated.

  3. Marie Tulin says:

    As I was rifling through Colleen’s blog, I was floored by the widespread reaction to the original “ugly vegetable garden” rant that debuted here. I had no idea it had gotten out the furthest reaches of the blog universe. I was among the immediate critical commentators, so I’ll say nothing else except I had no idea about how fast bad news can travel.


  4. greg Draiss says:

    What happens to dog urine on a hot day on that fake turf?

    The TROLL