Do Earthworms Meet for Drinks After Work?

Earthworm_on_the_groundPhoto by Dodo-Bird

More evidence that animals are much smarter than we know: the BBC Earth News reports on research that shows that earthworms respond to social cues and prefer to travel in groups. 


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12 responses to “Do Earthworms Meet for Drinks After Work?”

  1. It’s the buddy system underground!

  2. gardenmentor says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. It’s one of the coolest new findings I’ve read about lately!!

  3. So fascinating… they really are interesting creatures.

  4. GrowerJim says:

    This just shows that humans act like animals!

  5. Dave Reed says:

    I question whether intelligence is the correct term for critters that crawl far enough onto pavement in the rain that they can’t get back before it dries out and they die.

  6. Benjamin says:

    This makes life worth living, doesn’t it. Thrilling.

  7. anne says:

    I’ve noticed earthworm clustering in my worm box, which always led me to believe there was some sort of deliberate social interaction going on, even if it’s only instinct-based. Besides, don’t they mate with each other? Even if it’s random and not how we mammals think of mating, it seems like some kind of social interaction.

  8. Judybusy says:

    So, is a group of earthworms called a wriggle? “Herd” just doesn’t seem righ. As an avid reader of natural history, I thank you for posting this–and yes, I’ve read Amy’s book on earthworms!

  9. Liisa says:

    @Dave — we use “intelligence” to describe human beings and yet there are all those Darwin Awards… 😉 Sorry, I couldn’t resist! No snarkiness intended.

  10. greg draiss says:

    I did not eveolve from an earthworm thank you……
    Though many may consider me a slug!
    The TROLL

  11. sara says:

    What Grower Jim said…

  12. Bob Collins says:

    A worm clique. LOL!