Cherry blossoms in the neighborhood


I'd say, pretty damn gorgeous street to live on.  It's in the Kenwood
part of Bethesda, MD, and second only to the National Mall as a
cherry-blossom photo-op.  Too bad about all the tourists, though (including me).  Here's more about all that.

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3 responses to “Cherry blossoms in the neighborhood”

  1. Matt says:

    Really beautiful! The cherries are starting to flower in upstate ny, though when I thought i saw petals falling from the sky last night, it turned out to be snow…

  2. Lovely, here we make do with crabapples and redbuds. Cherries don’t dig it in my red dirt state. I wish I was visiting yours. I could be a tourista too.~~Dee

  3. Wow!
    It always speaks to me that spring is here when you see the cherry trees start to flower!