Azaleas I Love


Ah, that’s better – old shrubs in a woodland setting, with plenty of other plants.  Yesterday in my back yard.

Or what the hell, how about this total mash-up of azalea madness? They’re part of a neighbor’s serious collection and I DO enjoy visiting this time of year.

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9 responses to “Azaleas I Love”

  1. carpetbag_garden says:

    Yesterday evening, while taking a walk, I forgave my neighbors for their azaleas. I never knew azaleas could smell so heavenly!

    I forgave them again when I made a trip to the only place that sells plants in town–Lowes–and saw that there really was no alternative offered.

  2. Bobnix says:

    Some people hate azaleas, some love them. Adrian Higgins dissed azaleas, and his readers (957 at last count)essentially dissed Adrian Higgins. At last count, 80% said they love azaleas. About 15% say they’re garish, boring, and overused. About 4% said they “don’t care,” and about 1% said “What’s an azalea?” But different perspectives make life interesting–and blogs attractive.

  3. Nell Jean says:

    I love azaleas, both natives and evergreen. What I don’t love is a garden where they appear to have been thrown into place without regard to color, as in your neighbor’s garden. Your garden shows that thought went into placement.

  4. Am with Nell, some color combos are jarring to the eye – but “boring” hah, never!

  5. Nancy says:

    Naturalized sites with deciduous azaleas in sweeps of like color are glorious. Using pruned little stunted shrubs for their anuual flower color is like plant torture and visual torture to the viewer for the better part of the year.
    in a word Garish!!!
    There is no bad plant just poor planting!

  6. wooly sunflower says:

    Give me more joyful mash-up madness! You guys should go south of the border more often! Ole!

  7. Laura Bell says:

    Oh yes ! Now these azaleas are lovely !!

  8. Karen B. says:

    Last year I made my first trip to the Pacific Northwest during the early spring. For the first two days my Minnesota eyes, having had six months to become used to a monochromatic palette of either brown, gray, or white, hurt at the garish color combinations. But then I had a couple picnics in the woods. And drank some wine. And relaxed into the whole regional vibe. By the end of it, I was wishing I could find some boisterous combination of fuschia, lavender, and salmon for my own yard. 🙂

  9. vee says:

    Azaleas are beautiful if placed in the right places and color coordinated, but some people just plant them anywhere without any thought.