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Paul James after Two Martinis


Well, look who’s trying some Maryland crab cakes at a Baltimore pub but The Gardener Guy himself, Paul James!  Yes, Paul was my date Saturday night for some serious drinking and eating after his talk at a home show not far from me.

Now it may take a while for me to digest what he had to say over several hours (for the record, at least), but for now a couple of reactions:

  • He’s smart as hell.
  • He looks even better in person than on TV.
  • And he’s a serious drinker.  Not that he’s a lush – exactly – but like the serious cook that he is, he knows his cocktail ingredients and thinks they’re important!  So I let him do all the ordering.

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13 responses to “Paul James after Two Martinis”

  1. I am seriously jealous.

  2. Matti says:

    OMG! We love his show. I think it is the longest gardening show that we have been watching over the ages… He does look more fit in the past couple years…good job Paul James. YEAH!

  3. Geek surgery? You’re getting a geek removed? Or augmented?

  4. Darcy says:

    Oh man – seriously jealous – Paul is who got us going on our move to a healthier life by first changing how we gardened and managed our yard, and we just kept going from there. I’m glad you had a great time!

  5. Very fun! I’m so glad he’s gardening “on line” now.

  6. Old Kim says:

    How come HGTV doesn’t want him?
    Breaking the law.
    Old people getting down and gritty.
    I’d rather see beautiful gardens than beautiful people that look pretty today.

  7. I LOVE Paul James and have been bummed to not see his show on HGTV anymore. Boooo HGTV.

  8. Kaviani says:


  9. Lana says:

    Paul James is my man!! I miss him sooooo much on tv. He was the only reason I woke up early on Sunday mornings. I would love to sit down with him, share a martini, and listen to his wonderful sense of humor and his gardening knowlege.

  10. Amy Stewart says:

    So does he read our blog? That’s what I want to know.

  11. susan harris says:

    Amy, a big old NO to that question. He’s kinda out of the loop.

  12. maryellen says:

    Love this guy. Miss his show, which I no longer find on my fios channel set……. He’s a hoot to watch and super knowledgeable.