Michele, meet your tribe of elderbloggers

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Okay, this IS officially off-topic but since Michele posted about turning 50, I'll take the opportunity to congratulate her on finally being eligible for the greatest elderblog listing in existence.  It's right here on the blog Time Goes By, and ONLY available to bloggers 50 and older. 

Years ago when I was a brand new blogger I tuned in to see what blogmistress Ronni Bennett (retired CBS producer, etc) and other Boomers and pre-Boomers were up to online.  I even wrote a couple of movie reviews for her readers.

Now Ronni's all-inclusive blogroll of "elders' is mighty long but there's an easy way to sample them – some "Ageless" Chicago bloggers have perused the list and culled from it their 14 favorites to recommend.  The list includes a Mother Jones correspondent, a feminist, Robert Reich, ex-pats in France and Nicaragua, a "humorless bitch", and yours truly!!  Oh, yeah, my little blog's listed as one of the voices from "The Land of Obama".

 So yes-yes-yes to Michele's recommendation of gardening for aging well and as slowly as possible, but can I put in a good word for blogging as a way to keep our minds in good shape?

Folk Singing, TooPeggySeeger-byDaleHubert
And I can't resist mentioning one amazing example of aging well – folk singer-writer Peggy Seeger. A robust 74, she sounds and looks great – tall, with stage presence up the wazoo.  And as of last week when she performed in D.C., she can still shock the crowd with her tales of illicit romance.  Her pointed political rants shock no one, coming as they do from a Seeger, after all.

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4 responses to “Michele, meet your tribe of elderbloggers”

  1. Michele Owens says:

    Wow, I’m an elderblogger! Thanks for letting me know, Susan.

  2. Tara Dillard says:

    One of my mentors hit the big time beginning in her 80’s.

    National magazine covers, newspapers, books, HGTV.

    People she didn’t know, from across USA, going to visit her in her garden.


    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. LindaCO says:

    Thanks for this list – I’m always interested in fresh perspectives.

  4. Sue in Milan says:

    I’m a tribe member too. There are a lot of us about. Welcome Michele!