The WINNERS ARE CHRIS C AND LIL NED. Thanks for playing and for all the fabulous glove stories. Some of them were real sagas. Fascinating!

 Other gardeners are far pickier about their gloves than I
am. Aside from having progressed beyond the cheap cloth gloves you can buy by
the dozen, I mainly require simply that I have gloves. I do not enjoy running
my hands through dirt and getting it under my nails, and I really hate drying
out my hands from too much washing. Recently, I have been rotating three pairs
of heavy white leather/suede elbow-length gloves. I have a lot of grabby shrubs
and perennials and narrow spaces to squeeze through, so I like the protection,
and I like having three of them, so I always have a dry pair.

I also occasionally wear the colorful Mudd gloves and the
stylish Ethel gloves we were all given in Chicago. I like the Mudd ones—easy to
slip on and off—but they get holes in the fingers pretty quickly. So far the
Ethels have been used for indoor gardening tasks only. They do have reinforced
fingers, so we’ll see how they do outside this spring.

 Recently, I was contacted by Womanswork,
a company that’s been mentioned here a few times, though I can’t see that we did a
giveaway. But so what if we did have one—here’s another one! Womanswork makes
gloves, hats, and other gardening gear. Their gloves have three distinctive
features: reinforced fingers and palms, a mesh insert for ventilation, and a
little metal carabiner (new word to me) hook that keeps the gloves together for storage.

I have two pairs to give away—a medium and a small, both the
color that you see above. If you'd like a pair, leave comments and please tell us about any new glove
discoveries you’ve made over the past year. I’ll choose from comments tomorrow at 11 am EST.