My final blizzard advice

 Grow flowers inside. That is my favorite winter sport. Once
or twice a winter, I’ll bundle up and enjoy the barren, beautiful white
landscape, but it’s just not my thing. There are ways to enjoy the cold months
that don’t include actually needing to be outside.

 All this being said, I like winter sometimes. I’m actually
glad not to have the outside garden to worry about, and I think fireplace
inserts are among the most ingenious technological advances yet conceived by
man. Nonetheless, I need always to garden and feel that forcing bulbs is as
good as it gets in February.

The fun part is that hyacinth cultivars force so
differently, and that some tazetta 
cultivars are so close to the fresh scent of their narcissus relatives in
spring. Anyway, it’s gardening. 

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5 responses to “My final blizzard advice”

  1. Norah says:

    I’m with you! My houseplants get a lot of love in the cold winter months! Next, starting seeds! Love it!

  2. Chris Upton says:

    You’re so right. Winter is well enjoyed from a comfortable chair looking out the window! Most years, this would be too early to cut branches for forcing, but we’ve had enough cold days that even our cherries ought to be vernalized; quince, forsythia, fragrant honeysuckle, and wintersweet are all ready to go here in the Nation’s Capitol.

  3. My forced blooms were all targeted for toady (Valentine’s) – but all looking like they need just a few days more before they go full bloom. Ah well, still ANY indoor blooms in Winter are welcome – late or on time.

  4. Yes, it is gardening, and you are so good at the indoor bulb thing. You’ve inspired me. I have more growing indoors than ever before. Oh, and now terrariums because of Tovah too. Flowers do look especially beautiful encased in glass. What next?~~Dee

  5. karen says:

    January I enjoy my blooming amaryllis,

    Feb. is the month my amorphophallus konjac come to life, grow 4 ft and bloom inside. It is a lot of fun.