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Allan Armitage—as you’ve never seen him before


No, our friend, writer/grower/horticulturalist extraordinaire Allan Armitage has not lost his mind. He doesn't even have Night Fever.  Rather, Allan is putting himself out there to support an
important cause. See his note, below. On a non-dancing note, I am very excited about a recent
introduction of Allan’s: the “Athens Yellow” climbing dicentra. It climbs? And
it’s yellow? That’s enough to make me feel like dancing! Maybe not the The Hustle, though.

 To My Friends in Horticulture:

know this is hard to believe, but I have been asked to participate in the
Athens-area chapter of Dancing With the Stars—as a star! I would not have
agreed to make a fool of myself, except that it is a major fundraiser for
Project Safe, a terrific organization working to end abuse against women. The
world is a tough place for many, and having a support group like this makes a
huge positive difference. For those of you not familiar with Project Safe, read
more here.  Recently this organization has
experienced an unprecedented rise in demand for its services. More than ever it
relies on  local community events
like Dancing with Athens Stars to provide financial support.

DSC_3360 (Medium)

I am practicing hard for the “Audience Favorite Award”
which is given to the couple who receives the most votes, both during the show
and in the months leading up to it. I will keep everyone involved as the dance
date, Mar 21, approaches. 

So I am asking for your votes, not for me but for Project
Safe.  You can laugh at me while
giving.  Here’s how it works:

Each vote is $1
donated to Project Safe, and voting early and often is definitely
encouraged!  You can vote in
several ways. Voting through the website is probably easiest. Go to the site and c
lick on the Dancing
with Athens Stars
button. You'll see my name and my beautiful and talented
partner Liza Pitts [shown with Allan, above] as couple #9.

By the way, I will be doing The Hustle.  I never heard of The Hustle, but there
you go. I will keep you up to date here and on my site.

—Allan Armitage

BTW, here's the dicentra:

It's not as pretty as Allan, but close! 

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2 responses to “Allan Armitage—as you’ve never seen him before”

  1. susan harris says:

    Good God I hope they put it on Youtube -we HAVE to see this. Can I vote with money to have that happen?

  2. That is a hoot! How very brave. Pretty Cool looking dicentra.