Here’s to the vegetable garden

It's beautiful in early September when it's so full of food I can't keep up with it.  It's beautiful now.  I'm about to go see if I can chop a stalk or two of Brussels sprouts out of the snow for dinner.  I love 'em roasted with a bit of soy sauce.

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10 responses to “Here’s to the vegetable garden”

  1. I think my vegetable garden is buried under more snow than yours. If I was desperate I could dig for beets and carrots, maybe even a turnip. Thank goodness there are no brussels sprouts out there. Ick!

  2. Michele Owens says:

    Christopher C, roast them! They are a different beast then.

  3. Matilija says:

    Mmmm, roasted brussels sprouts. Of course I like ’em steamed too, so what do I know.

    Today I picked another bowl of Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. California vegetable gardens can get boring, what with the same old same old. 😉

  4. greg draiss says:

    I may still have some celery under the ice here in Catskill, NY
    Wanna trade for some of those brussel sprouts?

  5. We just had our first hard frost last night. Yesterday, I picked the rest of my peppers and a bunch of green tomatoes from my fall tomatoes. Yep, we’re supposed to be able to have a good fall tomato season after the night temperature fall below 70 degrees starting in September, but I think it’s a myth.

    So does anyone have some good recipes for green tomatoes?

  6. Rosella says:

    “So does anyone have some good recipes for green tomatoes?”

    Ummmm — stockpile them to throw at Californians in January? I don’t have snow in my vegetable garden, I have 6 inches of ice. No hope of getting down to the remaining beets. Even the Rouge d’Hiver lettuce in the cold frame has given up.

  7. tibs says:

    Suppose that was just a rhetoric question about green tomato recipes, but….relish,or salsa or pickles. I would think recipes would be avialble on line. Now that more folks are gardening, will there be a revivial of all those funky “end of the garden” relishes, chowchows, picadilly, etc? I have a Farm Journal cookbook from the early 60’s that has so many wild and wonderful combinations. There is an old Penns. Dutch saying about a good cook has 6 differeent kinds of pickles on the table. Before we had the means to have fresh produce all winter those spicey vinigery sides probably helped you get thru a long boring winter diet. I have a recipe for green tomatoe pie. It is like a mincemeat pie, which is not exactly a popular pie anymore.

  8. I dont miss living in that snow… The only thing I miss about it is the higher quality soil that you get from its biological process!

    Cant wait to see it in spring!

  9. Michele Owens says:

    Dear Zone 9, I got snowshoes for Christmas. I’ve decided that the only way to deal with five months of snow is just to embrace it.

  10. commonweeder says:

    I’ve got the snow and no more veggies. Not even a brussels sprout. But no more work out there either. I don’t mind a short breather – but I do have sprouts sprouting in the kitchen.