Bloom Day

For Bloom Day, River Birches and Architecture


Okay, nothing's blooming here.  But even a deciduous tree can be stunning in the winter – especially if it's this one, and especially if the Air and Space Museum is in the background.  This urban garden stopped me in my tracks, despite the cold.

There's another view of this winter beauty plus some links to local culcha over on my blog.

Posted by on January 15, 2010 at 2:17 pm, in the category Bloom Day.
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5 responses to “For Bloom Day, River Birches and Architecture”

  1. The bark texture on river birches is a particular favourite of mine, and if my garden were the least bit rivery, I’d plant some in a snap.

  2. Pam/Digging says:

    Now you should have saved that marvelous bark for Foliage Follow-Up, Susan. We’re posting our best January foliage on the day after Bloom Day. Come on over to Digging tomorrow to join in.

  3. Old Kim says:

    Who’s buying cool trees? Monrovia thinks you’ll be buying their branded high priced plants after sponsering HGTV’s as they said, “Best Garden Show”.
    Saturday Outdoor Rooms on HGTV will have a garden show.

  4. A lovely and noteworthy tree, to be sure. I’m currently swooning over the cultivar “Duraheat”. Here are a couple of photos I took after our recent epic snowfall:



  5. Bark and form are so important in the winter garden, and the contrasting shapes of the trees in that little garden are excellent.