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Bulb giveaway WINNER

MISSY is the randomly-chosen winner of Anna Pavod's Bulb (it's signed, by the way), and a deserving one at that. She has planted 400 bulbs this year, hopes to do 400 more next year, and has drained a swamp (i.e., wet front yard, see Missy's comment) to make all this possible. 

You go, Missy. 

Thanks for playing, folks. I so enjoyed reading about everyone's favorite bulbs. These were fascinating and impressive stories. It's amazing how excited we all get over these little brown spheres.  

Posted by on November 20, 2009 at 6:26 pm, in the category Unusually Clever People.
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3 responses to “Bulb giveaway WINNER”

  1. Sorry, you got this one wrong. I find it hard to believe that you’d reward someone for draining a swamp. We need those wetlands for habitat for all those bug-eating frogs, to hold stormwater so it can percolate into the soil, and more.

    Bulbs are nice, but I think you should reward someone who removed her lawn, beautified a vacant lot, or used bulbs in guerrilla gardening of public places.

  2. eliz says:

    Ginny, I totally see your point but I am pretty sure this “swamp” is a bit of (our randomly chosen) gardener’s hyperbole for a wet area in the back yard. 400 bulbs is not really that many. I could fit them in a 5′ x 5′ space without breaking a sweat!

  3. missy says:

    oh my god–thank you so much!!! i am thrilled. to explain: i did drain a swamp, but a man-made one. my swamp/front yard was never intended to be a wetland. it was the result of a very old drainage pipe becoming blocked decades ago. in fact, it is in the middle of a neighborhood, so my neighbors are thrilled that someone tackled this project, got rid of the swamp and took steps to significantly reduce the mosquito population! i would be upset if someone drained an actual swamp, too.

    thank you so very much!!!! i cannot wait to start planning the next round of bulbs!