White House Chooses New Floral Designer

Remember when we reported that the White House's long-time florist was retiring and a new one was in the works?  Well, we're given less-then-100% but pretty good assurance by the WashPost's Reliable Source that the winner of the Great White House Florist Search is the Alexandria, VA but French-trained floral designer Laura Dowling.  I see that Laura has a blog – and it's gorgeous – so congrats to a blogging floral designer!

Photo credit?  I took this from Laura's blog but didn't see a photo credit there, so maybe she's a talented photographer, too.

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7 responses to “White House Chooses New Floral Designer”

  1. Ellen Frost says:

    Jealous! But it looks like she’ll be great! Hope she’ll take advantage of the amazing cut flower growers in Maryland and Virginia including Farmhouse Flowers and Wollam Gardens.

  2. Jo Ann says:

    Just Beautiful!

  3. Jo says:

    Lovely sample and I’m sure more to come. This is not actually an issue I was concerned about particularly, but I’m glad if youall are glad. Back to Rant basics; check out (and I’m surprised not to have seen it mentioned already)

  4. What a very talented floral designer, I love the visual space she left in her design. She is innovative, and will fit in well in an innovative administration.

  5. The girls got talent.
    Enjoyed her blog and website, which had a very generous page of ‘how to’ under the heading of projects.
    Nice to see a talented artist not afraid of showing others how to recreate an ensemble.
    Perhaps it was her generous giving spirit and good karma that endeared her to her new employer ?

    Congrats to Ms. Dowling.

  6. greg draiss says:

    quite creative!

    The TROLL

  7. oh my gosh, spectacular and congrats to her!