Bloom Day

A day late and all that


If you'd really like to read my (belated) Bloom Day whinings about the crappy weather and how bulb planting is the only thing stopping me from drinking one of the 10 bottles of FreezePruf I have received, you can check it out here. Seriously though, what the hell happened to fall this year?

Posted by on October 16, 2009 at 6:29 am, in the category Bloom Day.
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11 responses to “A day late and all that”

  1. Katie says:

    I heart you Elizabeth.

  2. Jeff Gillman says:


    Make sure you use that Freezepruf — I’m very curious to get your thoughts on how it works. It seems like a very promising product, but I think many people have their hopes set a little too high. I think people in Alabama will be much happier with it than people like us who live in the Great White North.

  3. Eliz says:

    Thanks Katie!!

    Jeff, what I don’t get is when should I apply it? You know our zone.

  4. Well, you COULD drink the FreezePruf, but I thought maybe you were headed toward the 100 Proof instead!
    I hear that you are due some VERY nice weather courtesy of the front headed up my way today that is supposed to be humdinger.
    Have fun!

  5. Fiona says:

    No joke. I have two boxes of lovely bulbs and I can’t bring myself to go out in the miserable, wet mud and get them in the ground. It’s been an unpleasant fall, so far.

  6. Kaarina says:

    Hey- I just got FeezePruf too- how is it working? We’re going to try it for the first time up in seattle to help fend off cold weather on our tropical plants… we’ll see!

  7. I want my October back! Who stole it?

  8. Jeff Gillman says:

    I don’t think Freezepruf will work over the winter — but it may work if you’re just looking to plant tomatoes (or whatever) a little early. It should protect plants from frost, but I think that hoping for more than that is wishful thinking.

  9. Eliz says:

    If it does not protect over the winter, it is of limited use to me. Any annual that is planning to die now can hurry up and do so.

    But I guess for pre-last-frost spring planting … which I rarely do …

  10. Pam/Digging says:

    It came to Austin several weeks early. And no, you can’t have it back. 🙂

  11. Old Kim says:

    Bitching weather in the PNW. Glorious fall foliage. So hot at 65 degrees farenheight today. Still picking a few late raspberries off new canes.
    Baby summer squash are still ripening on the vine.
    Awesome day.