We’re baa -ack!

Thanks so much, fabulous guest posters! I’ve been having a
great time reading all these passionate musings, and, judging by the equally
interesting discussions going on in comments, so have you all.

Susan made all this happen—and it’s a considerable amount of
work to organize so many guest rants.  A major tip of the Felcos to her. Now, back to our regularly
scheduled programming, which will continue to include regular guest rants.  So please keep them coming; our guest
post day will usually be Thursday. 

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3 responses to “We’re baa -ack!”

  1. Carole says:

    I greatly enjoyed the guest rants and am glad you’ll be continuing them. But I’m also looking to hearing all of you again now that you’re back. Welcome home!

  2. Welcome back!

    It was fun to read all the guest posts, and I do look forward to more! It adds a little extra fun to an already fun site!

  3. Welcome back! Thanks for entertaining us while you were gone with all the guest rants.