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Geranium as shrub


This is not a flowering windowbox pelargonium and certainly not the (real)
perennial one, which I use as a good-looking groundcover in partially-shaded

This is the scented pelargonium “Attar of Roses” that I
stuck in the back of a sunny border, thinking it might cover the knees of some
lanky oriental lilium.

 It is now almost as tall as the lilies were and has a spread
of about four feet, serving as a backdrop and support to this floppy heliopsis. And of course it smells nice.  Wow! Who knew? (I seem to
be saying “who knew” about something in the garden every year.)

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5 responses to “Geranium as shrub”

  1. Saying “who knew?” is a good thing, as it shows your continual wonder and awe, as well as your burgeoning experience with plants. I also didn’t know that a Pelargonium could get that big in a single season. It’s beautiful.

  2. Cindy, MCOK says:

    You made me chuckle with that last sentence, Elizabeth. And I like MMD’s take on “who knew”!

  3. I remember taking a bus across Crete in the 70s and thinking: I wonder what yonder bushes with the bright red flowers are. And then it hit me: Ye gods, they’re geraniums!

    ‘Attar of Roses’ is a nice one to have getting bushy in your garden. I also love the scent of ‘Rober’s Lemon Rose.’

  4. Layanee says:

    It is a glorious picture. Gardening can be an eye opening experience every season as you have so eloquently penned.

  5. I think we’re all in the “who knew” category here! This means I have a reason to treat myself to those lovely scented geraniums. Thanks.