Unusually Clever People

The Bad Boys of Southern Gardening


That's Felder Rushing
pointing to the cartoon version of himself on Tony Avent's T-shirt. 
You know you've made it when you're depicted on one of the outrageous Plants Delights catalog covers.

They're just two of the countless garden celebs palling around with us regulars in Raleigh.  Also?  Erica Glasener!  As pretty as ever and friendly, too.

Gotta run to meet Linda Chalker-Scott for breakfast.  I'll be putting a bug in her ear about some horticultural myths I'd love to see her debunk.

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3 responses to “The Bad Boys of Southern Gardening”

  1. For all you Felder-philes, I’ve got video of his talk from the back of his pick-up truck garden at the Cornell Living Sculpture Conference back in July here: http://blogs.cornell.edu/hort/2009/07/31/316/

  2. Robin Ripley says:

    Jealous here. Very jealous.


  3. If I was Felder, I’d buy 10 of those shirts – circle myself with a fabric marker and make it my permanent uniform.