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Sustainable Gardening Newsletter, September ’09


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  • A new section about Urban Gardening
    Visit and in a comment suggest more good links, great programs, awesome stories
    about school and community gardens, CSAs, park renovations, farmers'
    markets, backyard-sharing and container/rooftop/balcony gardening.
  • Renee Shepherd joins the website as its newest contributor.  I asked her:  How do veg-gardeners go wrong?  Her answer? Veg-Gardening: What Works, What Doesn't. 

In Your Garden Now

  • What almost everyone needs to do right now but probably won’t? Overseed the lawn.  Without it, lawns fade away, and homeowners are discouraged – or they hire ChemLawn to force that lawn to green-up, fast!
  • AND it's time to feed your lawn, the second thing that most people should do but don't.  Scroll down to "Fall" here.
  • And what do you know?  It's also the best time to start a new lawn.  

In the News

  • At the state's urging, towns along the Passaic River in New Jersey are lining up to limit the use of landscape fertilizers.
  • Casey Trees (a terrific nonprofit here in DC) shows how trees can be cared for by bicycle.  They call it the Water-by-Cycle Initiative.

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2 responses to “Sustainable Gardening Newsletter, September ’09”

  1. Hi Susan,
    Nice links with some valuable info.

    In regards to the cost to install a sod lawn in my area the price for professional installation , which includes soil prep , the sod and the laying of the sod is in the $ 3.25 per square foot range.
    A tad bit higher than the amount that was mentioned on the Sustainable Blog.

    Just incase someone from the California area was reading and was interested in a realistic cost estimate bid.

    Michelle D.

  2. Benjamin says:

    I was gardening this evening and the neighbor yelled to her husband “should we mow their yard too?” Not with that polluting machine. I yelled back (in my smarmy mind) “Put some landscaping out so property values go up.” All they have is grass. And they mow / blow religiously as a couple. It’s cute, really. Anyway, I ain’t mowing until the funnel spiders leave and it’s time for fall fertilzing–damn, that’s next week!