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Companies replacing lawn with veg gardens? Yep.

Peter Hoh sent me a story (no longer online) that started with the line: "If lawns had legs they would be running scared."  Okay, I'll bite. 

And ya gotta love this – companies in Minnesota replacing some of their lawn with "giving gardens," with produce donated to the needy.  Blue Cross has giving gardens and touts the program to other corporations. 

Minn GivingGarden

And one local construction company not only has a "giving garden" but they blog about it.  (Lots of great photos like this one.)  And I notice they've gotten some nice press coverage about the garden.  You can't just take out an ad for that kind of good publicity.  Ya gotta earn it, baby.

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6 responses to “Companies replacing lawn with veg gardens? Yep.”

  1. Ed Bruske says:

    nice ad for the composter in the background, too

  2. Micah says:

    Seems like a good way to build morale as well. I’ve done company softball teams and such, and there’s no reason a “gardening team” wouldn’t be just as much fun.

  3. greg draiss says:

    The TROLL

  4. LauraBee says:

    Love the idea ! Now if only we had a lawn to transform into a garden …

  5. If you are interested in vegetable gardening, this is a nice article for beginners:

    Hope your visitors can use it.


  6. Joan says:

    Founders of the Giving Garden at Blue Cross have also been blogging about the garden. You can see pics and info about our first 2 seasons at Veg gardens on every corporate campus – just think of how many people could be fed.