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Sustainable Gardening News August ’09

GardenRant edition.  The whole newsletter is available here.

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  • Researchers at the USDA think they might have found a
    fungus that'll solve  the national kudzu problem. It works SO fast that if you spray kudzu in the
    morning it'll show signs of damage by mid-afternoon. It's called
    Myrothecium and here's more on the story.
  • Window
    boxes are the new allotment gardens
    , says the National
    Trust in the UK.
  • SPIN farming to transform
    cities?  Suddenly I'm seeing it everywh

  Found on the

  On the Sustainable Gardening


Green the Grounds Update

  • Terrific news out of Frankfort, KY.  First Lady Jane Bashear started
    a veg Kentucky garden recently and in reading the news about it I discovered her plans
    for greening the mansion – starting with grounds keeping.  "Today, using
    fuel-efficient equipment, water conservation, native plants, fewer chemicals,
    and soil nutrients.  Future – organic solutions and plantings to reduce the
    mansion's footprint."   Well alrighty, let's find out
  • Great coverage of a great governor's garden in Harrisburg in the Pittsburgh
    and the Philadelphia
    thanks to reporter
    Mackenzie Carpenter.

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3 responses to “Sustainable Gardening News August ’09”

  1. Old Kim says:

    Planted doublefile viburnum in the wrong place. It might look better in the swamps than on my thirsy ground.

  2. Susan, yet another fine, information-filled edition. Thanks.

  3. Foy says:

    That was a fun little synopsis of what’s going on. I learned what SPIN stands for, and that I can compost latex. That’s a new one for me.