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Have you tried a honey lavender martini or a basil mojito?
If not, now would be the time, as many of us have the ingredients growing in
the garden as well as sitting in the liquor cabinet.

I started using more botanical
ingredients in cocktails a couple years ago, and was happy to discover such
mixers as St. Germain liquor, which is much more well-known now than when I
started buying it. It is made from elderflowers, comes in a gorgeous bottle, is
not that expensive, and has a clear flavor that can usually be tasted well
above the din of whatever you mix it with (great with gin and gives an
excellent kick to prosecco or inexpensive champagne).

Today’s NYTimes has a nice
piece on floral cocktails
, timed perfectly with the arrival of true summer
weather across the Northeast. Check it out. And here’s a honey lavender martini

1 part gin

½ part honey lavender syrup

shake with ice, strain into a glass. Add a squeeze of lemon
if it seems too sweet.

Make honey lavender syrup by boiling 1/4 cup honey and 1/2
cup water with 3 teaspoons lavender, and adding 1/4 cup lemon juice after it
cools. That will make enough syrup for a few cocktails. (I have adapted these proportions from a local restaurant that makes these, so some experimentation may be in order.)

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4 responses to “Grow your own drinks”

  1. Yes, I have!

    In fact, tonight I’m making lemon-lavender vodka tonics made with lavender I grew myself. I think a bit of rosemary simple syrup might be lovely in a traditional gin & tonic.

  2. gardenmentor says:

    Oh yes, I’m a big fan of herbal cocktails! Lemon verbena tends to be my key ingredient. Find a recipe for a Lemon Verbena drop here: http://www.gardenhelp.org/books/cookbooks/lemon-verbena-how-to-grow-preserve-and-enjoy-all-year/

    later today I’ll be posting a recipe on gardenhelp.org for a lemon verbena blueberry martini in a larger article on CSA farms, but I need to get the photos done first!

    This recipe sounds lovely, but I really want to try Amy’s watermelon martini this season….Amy, could you post it here?!

  3. Kim says:

    Ummmm, that sounds good!

  4. That sounds great and different. I got to give it a try!