Got something you’d like to Rant about?
Announcing Guest Post Week

Get something off your chest here at GardenRant during the week of August 24-30, and give the hard-working Rant ladies the week off!  Come on, we know you've been hiding your inner ranter, just waiting for someone to lure it out, so we're luring, baby!  Send 'em along to Susan[at]Sustainable-Gardening.com to get on the schedule. 

Below is our standard guidance on guest rants.

What, exactly, is a guest rant?

First, it's short. 500 words is plenty. 

Second, it's highly opinionated.  Take a position on an issue, pro or con. 
Rant or rave, just have a point of view. Be unguarded and informal.  Tell it
like it is.

Third, it's interesting.  Well, that goes without saying.  But seriously,
tell us an interesting, behind-the-scenes story.  Surprise us. Get people
talking.  Because if you get them talking, they'll go away and continue the
conversation on their own blogs, and that helps spread the word.

Did we mention that it should be interesting and personal and off-the-cuff
and fun?  Seriously, no PR talk, and no how-to.  Pretend you're e-mailing a
highly amusing tale to some friends.  Now pretend we're your friends.

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8 responses to “Got something you’d like to Rant about?
Announcing Guest Post Week”

  1. Now pretend we’re your friends.

    Aw. I thought we were already friends. :^(

  2. susan harris says:

    You’re right! Now pretend we’re OLD friends.
    Speaking of which, a childhood friend is visiting me tomorrow and I’m excited!

  3. Deb Terrill says:

    They’re all gone now. I just walked through my garden and found myself being trailed by a group of ghosts. The ghosts of great garden centers past. My pin striped lily of the valley conjured up Homewood Farm in Ohio. The fading leaves of my double bloodroot brought back Mourning Dove in Champaign. And my chartruese lamb’s ear never fails to take me back to Craig Bergmann’s in Illinois.

    Where in hell am I going to get cool plants now? A friend began her first perennial bed this summer and we went to buy a few staples. ‘Moonbeam’ coreopsis, some cranesbills, a handfull of dianthus and phlox, all stalwarts meant to encourage her, were on our list. Do you think we could find any of those at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Walmart? The smattering of actual garden centers we visited were no better. We would have been in clover had we been looking for Australian ground covers meant to be trampled upon.

    Will I ever find a ‘Saphires and Snow’ Caryopteris again? Or a stumble upon an elegant ‘Sammy Russell’ daylily? What is it with garden center owners: why can’t you stay in business? I know it’s tough out there. We’ve been unemployed for months and doing yardwork to pay our bills. But if I can dig up enough money to go out in search of a great plant, can’t you stay there to sell me one?

  4. I just sent an email with my submission. Let me know if you got it! Sometimes emails bounce or go to junk mail when I send them from Hotmail/LiveMail.


  5. Dave Reed says:

    Here’s the address to my sorry little blog:


    I don’t know that I’d call it a rant. I can’t get too upset about anything that happens in the garden.

  6. Benjamin says:

    I’d like to rant about you guys taking a week off. Especially during the gardening season. Something seems fishy–where you all going? Can I come?

  7. susan harris says:

    Don’t get too excited, Ben, coz nothing’s up. But 3 of us WILL be in Raleigh next month for the GWA thingie. Wish it were in your ‘hood so you’d join us!

  8. Benjamin says:

    Yeah, when will GWA be in Nebraska? What’s Nebraska?