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Round-up of Carpentry and Beefcake on HgTV


Sure, I'm sometimes hard on HgTV – the lower-case G reflects their disappearing gardening content – but truth to tell, I'm still watching.  And lately I've explored some of the home improvement shows that get videotaped after my gardening shows on Sunday morning (hi, Paul!), and it turns out they have plenty of episodes about outdoor and in-the-garden projects, and some of it's downright watchable.

My first discovery was a show called Don't Sweat It starring Steve Watson, on the left in the photo.  He's so damn natural and believable as a carpenter I feel like I've hired him and my project is in very good hands.  He actually has a remodeling business in Los Angeles, where he's also been a struggling actor for many years.  But don't worry – he's no pretty boy spokesmodel like some of them.  You know, the ones who call plants "greenery" or refer to "trees and plants".

But with Steve at the helm I was fascinated by the projects and even learned a thing or two.  Here's a selection of his outdoor episodes:

Another show I'm surprising myself by actually recommending is Carter Can with Carter Oosterhouse.  That's Carter with the bare, hairy chest.  I can't really remember what his show was about but I know I enjoyed watching him it.

Alas, the final fix-it show gets a big ole thumb's down, no matter if the star was one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive!"  That would be Over Your Head with bottle blond Eric Stromer.  My notes say, verbatim:  "Stupid.  Lots of high 5s and 'Awesome!'  Ugly designs." 

Well, it's basic cable, after all, and two out of three is better than the networks do.

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12 responses to “Round-up of Carpentry and Beefcake on HgTV”

  1. 'nora says:

    Isn’t Steve Watson the guy who was the host of Discovery’s Monster House series? If so, dude’s got some for-real skills.

    Thanks for the reviews — I haven’t watched anything on hgtv recently and I would have missed this otherwise.

  2. Well hello Carter Oosterhouse.

  3. Becky says:

    Carter can!

  4. Carter definitely can.

  5. Outstrider says:

    We love Don’t Sweat it! Your tomatoes looked great. We are growing some to Indoors :

  6. Dave says:

    Genevieve Gorder (sp?) has a show where she mostly redoes interior spaces, and for whatever reason they recently had her do a backyard. *sigh* I’ve had a decent crush on her for years, but that episode sure took the edge off that. Not everyone can be good at everything!

  7. SEEEEEE… Gardening Nude is definitely happening on TV. ::chuckle::


  8. Pam says:

    I’ve enjoyed the man eye candy on HGTV as well. I do have to say that “Don’t Sweat It” is a good show overall. They help homeowners finish projects they haven’t completed, or things the homeowners always wanted to do, but didn’t know how to start. It’s a change from the usual fru fru updates to have updates the people actually need. hope that makes sense.

    I agree about the Eric Stomer show. He’s such a doofus with his little “acting” bits. (He pretended to be a leprechaun when doing this Irish woman’s backyard. Ugh!)

  9. Miss Daisy says:

    I agree, he’s fun to watch in more ways than one :). Just stopping by to see who my fellow blogger is on! See you around!

  10. Please, Carter could just stand on a slowly revolving stage for an hour and I’d watch each week, the fact that he has some talent and taste too is just icing on the cake.
    Still pining for a really good new Garden show.

  11. Elizabeth Stump says:

    Carter… *drools* He can fix my squeaky gate anytime.

  12. victoria cavanaugh says:

    The editors of “Don’t Sweat It” elevate simple DIY television to an art form.