Eat Tomatoes When Ripe

Spotted on the label for a tomato plant at Safeway. Good to know.

Eat Tomatoes When Ripe

Eat Tomatoes When Ripe

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6 responses to “Eat Tomatoes When Ripe”

  1. gardenmentor says:

    I think I’ll end my time on the interwebernets tonight after that priceless nugget. Truly, there’s nothing more to learn.

  2. Katie says:

    ^LOL at that. There’s a funny discussion going on over at my blog re: eating what you grow, or not. Apparently, some people need to be told when to eat vegetables, or, according to the most recent comment, by a person writing for a large regional gardening magazine, there’s no need to eat what you grow. HUH?


  3. Perhaps they are discouraging “Fried Green Tomatoes” ? 🙂 LOL

  4. trey says:

    The result of a generation, or two brought up on fast food. We have our work cut out for us. There is a whole generation that knows little about how to plant, grow,or even eat many vegetables.

    It’s a huge opportunity for business that helps people learn the basics of gardening. People do want to learn, but are totally un-prepared.

  5. greg draiss says:

    Not surprising……………
    Master Gardeners at co-operative extension sites in NY are telling people “you have bugs and need a pesticide” The gardener asks which one and they are told…”we can’t recommend specific products go to the nursery and ask them”.
    Or they recommend pesticides (organic and not) that are no longer available

    The TROLL