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Um … the Yard Bed?

Everything but the name sounds great. As many of you have no doubt read by now, Queen Elizabeth’s staff has initiated the first vegetable garden at Buckingham Palace since WWII.

According to royal garden manager Claire Midgely, the garden will use seaweed fertilizer, compost, hand-watering, and garlic extract as a natural aphid repellant. The vegetables to be grown there have names like Blue Queen beans, Northern Queen lettuce, and Queen of Hearts tomatoes, as well as heirloom varieties of carrots, beetroot, and corn. All the official statements I’ve seen make it clear that though the vegetables will be eaten at the palace, the larger hope is that this will further inspire UK citizens to get back to their own gardens.

Here’s a link to the Guardian report.

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7 responses to “Um … the Yard Bed?”

  1. Yay, Liz! Very queenly of you.

  2. GardenMad1 says:

    Is this one-upmanship for the Obamas garden at the Whitehouse? I am delighted to hear about it though whatever the motivation. I know so many people who have turned to growing just a few veggies in their garden (not quite as large as Buck House though!) and have now caught the gardening bug.

  3. They should put Prince Charles in charge of the garden! He knows how to garden.


  4. Joseph T. says:

    My favorite part was the queen’s hot-pink edged umbrella! Especially since it didn’t seem to be raining.

  5. Maybe I’m misinformed, but since when did Brits fall away from their gardens? All we ever hear on this side of the pond is what a garden-obsessed nation they have, where is the disconnect?

  6. eliz says:

    I think there is some falling away, not to be compared with us, of course. And maybe it is about local food growing more than gardening per se.