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Things are looking up for Buffalo chickens


Buttercup (now in hiding) may be able to come home soon.

Buffalo, unlike Albany, still has a functioning legislative body, and it looks like that body will be looking into legalizing chickens very soon. Over two dozen rules and regulations are attached to the pending legislation, and maybe not all are necessary—here are some: 

No roosters, only up to 5 hens, the coop must be at least 20 feet away from any window or door and it can’t be more than 32 square feet in size, eggs can’t be sold, and—hmmm—property owners within 50 feet must be notified. There would also be inspections. 

Nonetheless, it is likely to be passed, and it’s a start. Of course it was news to most of the male council members that hens don’t need roosters to produce eggs.

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One response to “Things are looking up for Buffalo chickens”

  1. Valerie says:

    Brooklyn is full of unauthorized roosters, not to mention fighting cocks. Mot many hens, however- they aren’t useful in Santeria. How come we get away with it and Buffalo doesn’t?