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Pesticides needed in Albany, but not for bugs

Here’s  an
update, such as it is, on the pesticide ban that might become law in New York State.
First, it’s unlikely that too much legislation is going to be enacted until the
state senate finishes up the insanely
dysfunctional shenanigans
 they’ve been up to over the past week or so.
I won’t get into it here—thank god this is not a political blog—but there was a
coup, the doors are locked, blah blah … suffice it to say that there won’t be any
votes on major issues until the internal meltdown resolves itself.

The state assembly did pass a bill to phase out the use of
pesticides on state property, which is not nearly so draconian as the alarmist
language in emails from the industry had inferred, but it is a good start. There
are also bills protecting wetlands, and other environmental initiatives
awaiting action in the senate. Looks like they’ll be waiting for a while, as
New York is down to one semi-operational legislative chamber for the time being.

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2 responses to “Pesticides needed in Albany, but not for bugs”

  1. Michele Owens says:

    Albany only gets away with this stuff because it’s Albany–and three hours’ distant from the state’s media capital. Only a handful of reporters are assigned to this beat, and they are all depressed, I suspect, by the exile.

    Gail Collins, God bless her for paying attention, just wrote a very funny column on the subject:

  2. Tibs says:

    Wasn’t it the Texas democrat legislators that left the state and went in hiding a few years ago to avoid some vote? ai think it was very smart of New York to have their capital out in the rural areas. They can do all kinds of stuff under the radar.