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Garden Walk!


As complaints about the summer heat reach critical mass in
the blogosphere, I am reminded that the weekend for Garden Walk Buffalo
approaches. Not many are complaining in Buffalo, believe me, as now is finally
the time—leaving the brief moment of spring bulbs and early perennials aside—when our gardens snap
into action. And color.

 This year, GWB is July 25 & 26; you can find out
anything else you’d need to know about it at the link, including all the
national press we’ve received and advice for those who are traveling from other
parts of the country (or world; we’ve been getting some European visitors). For those of you new to this event, GWB is likely the largest garden tour of any kind in the U.S., other than Open Days (which is geographically spread out over a whole season).

A lot of my friends are on the walk and every year we worry that things won’t be in bloom in time, that they’ll be early or late, or that some catastrophe will happen. (Don’t even say the R word.) But every year it’s the same. In spite of how tall my lilies were in May, it looks as though they will bloom at exactly the same time they always do—during the Walk.

I think this year’s poster (the printers talked us into foil—that’s the shiny part) is a good indication of the types of high-impact mid-summer gardens
visitors will see, though there are plenty of subtler examples among the 300+ that will participate this year. It’s free, and if you’d like more info
email ealicata(at)

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5 responses to “Garden Walk!”

  1. Lynn says:

    Even though GWB would be the 5th weekend in a row I’ll be out of town, I’m doing my best to stay psyched enough to make the 4hr drive. I think I can still drive 4 hrs without going nuts. Looking forward to it, R-word or shine 🙂

  2. Cindy says:

    Gee, so chilly still in Southern California. What’s up with that?

  3. commonweeder says:

    I’d love to attend the GWB – but that’s when we have our Annual Rose Viewing at and I now have a Virtual Rose Viewing page up. 70 hardy roses.

  4. eliz says:

    That’s interesting–I would not have thought that time of year would be good for roses. But it sounds awesome; I am going to pore over your blog and check it out.

  5. Old Kim says:

    Why would anyone want to have garden walk? 90% of visitors may complain.