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OMG! A gnome at Chelsea!

We will have a thorough Chelsea Flower Show report on Thursday, written by someone who has actually judged the show and knows what he’s talking about, but I could not resist noting this shocker:

Jekka McVicar, who is on the ruling council of the Royal Horticultural Society, is in flagrant breach of the rules by placing her gnome called Borage amid her gorgeous array of organic medicinal and culinary herbs.

I love the idea of gnomes—though I possess none—and never so much when I saw them used in this village of Dunster gnomerama (during a 2004 Somerset trip):


Now that’s a gnome display. I like how they are given their own space, rather than being exploited as mere accessories. And see how they are fenced in—for their own protection, I’m sure.

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12 responses to “OMG! A gnome at Chelsea!”

  1. Michele Owens says:

    More proof that anything done with conviction is fantastic!

  2. suzq says:

    We saw them everywhere in Switzerland last spring.

  3. firefly says:

    I want one of the little plastic ones that moons people 😉

    It’ll go perfectly with my neighbors’ pink flamingos!

  4. At Borders today I saw several shades of small metallic gnomes — I had to firce myself away – my birthday is coming and I just know I’ll get a few as “gag” gifts. Little do they know how much I will adore it.

  5. 'nora says:

    … called Borage. Superb.

  6. Rosella says:

    Well, seems to me they’re fenced in to prevent their escape and colonization of as-yet-ungnomed parts of the world.

  7. Karen says:

    We only have one, over my protestations, picked out my my daughter. He’s relatively harmless although a tiny bit tacky. If I embrace the tackiness only a little, is that still tacky?

  8. Lorrie says:

    Wonderfully tacky! Would be right at home amongst my pink flamingoes!

    Ever since viewing the film Amelie, I cannot see a gnome without smiling, and thinking of one’s global adventures.

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my day!

  9. Graham Rice says:

    Have to say… Jekka only put the gnome there in order to generate comment in the media! BTW – did you know that back in the sixties she used to play flute in a rock band called Marsupulami – they played at the first Glastonbury Festival which last year attracted Leonard Cohen.

  10. greg draiss says:

    Long live the pink flamingo!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    It worked!

    Glastonbury is quite a place, Graham. I never saw the festival but loved touring the lovely if bogus King Arthur burial site, climbing the tor, and seeing the little sacred garden place. All the tacky hippie trappings in the village kind of reminded me of the way Haight Ashbury is now.

  12. Wolf says:

    In Germany we call gnome Gartenzwerge. It may be seldom but I like them. My wife has a different opinion. By this reason I have only two of them and they are place not in the center of the garden.
    A garden friend from Germany